An evolution of scoring thanks to SLEEPER. I joined my first of many fantasy leagues back in 2003, at the ripe age of 20. Imagine, my buddy used to do all the scoring from the Monday and Tuesday’s newspapers. The scoring system was VERY touchdown heavy – 6 points for rushing/receiving TD, 4 points for passing TD, 1 point for every full 50 yards passing, 1 point for every full 25 yards rushing, 1 point for every full 25 yards receiving.

Hell, it took me 3 years and a SuperBowl performance by Terrell Owens to get these old timers (guys in their Late 20’s – Early 30’s) to switch to the now standard = 1 pt per 25 passing and 1 pt for 10 yards rushing/receiving.

I presented the facts that David Givens stat line of 3 receptions for 19 yards and a Touchdown (6 Fantasy Points – because no decimals) would have gotten more points than TO’s broken leg performance of 9 receptions for 122 yards (5 fantasy points – 3 yards short of 6 points).

I was laughed at. Guys at the table grunted out "TOUCHDOWNS and forget yards!" People called me Dickles (my nickname is Pickles). I became the bad guy for trying to change their game.

Well the vote went around the table for a more “Performance” based scoring – and in the end came back in my favor 6-4! I had done it. I had to be the first ever person to do a fantasy football PowerPoint presentation inside a BWW and I got 5 others to agree with me!

To make things better 2 of those 4 guys who vetoed ended up quitting the league before we even left the restaurant.

So here we are 16 years later and now I’m the old timer. We’ve added to the league many things: keeper spots, yardage bonuses, roster spots, more points to defenses, we’ve added 3 IDP positions.

But through it all, this league has never gone PPR – (half point ppr or full point ppr).

Until now?

We have all agreed nothing should be more valuable than the excitement of a player's ability to get the ball in the end zone.

But, if we were going to award “points per reception”, shouldn’t the points be based on the performance of the reception without diluting the value of actual production - yards & touchdowns?

If only there was a way:

Then on Dec 19 2018 @ScottFish24 wrote:

What's the one cool idea you are looking forward to adding to a dynasty league this upcoming offseason, or including in a new startup this upcoming offseason?

My @lionspaw23 initial response:

Tiered PPR: Catch 1-9 yards .25, Catch 10-24 yards .50, Catch 25-39 yards .75, Catch 40+ 1.00

The premise was to bring a format to my league that could bridge the gap & place the reward on the production again. Then a day later the feedback from the fantasy community came rolling in.

Fantasy Footballers Mike Wright @FFHitman retweeted me.

I actually really like this idea. What do you all think?


Adam Rank @adamrank

I don't like this at all. Because I love it.

Then on the 20th of December I felt like that 20-year-old first time fantasy player again.

Sleeper @SleeperHQ 20 Dec 2018

Done. Talked it over with the team, coming for the 2019 season!

Mike Wright @FFHitman 20 Dec 2018

Check it out @lionspaw23! Your ideas getting implemented in @SleeperHQ leagues next year! @ScottFish24 you see this?

And here we are 6 months later – Thanks to team Sleeper we now can allow commissioners to define scoring “bonuses” for receptions in tiered ranges.

Here's an example. Remember, your league gets to decide. Also, If you wanted the same ppr points in two tiers you could do that as well – (0-4 and 5-9 could both be .25/10-19 and 20-29 could be .50)

Now to be clear:

This is a modification of PPR as it is now. A bonus structure broken down almost in the form of kickers, Except for the Tier below 5 yards, which you could leave at 0 points if you wanted.

Example based on formula above.

3 yard catch:

  • Full Point (ppr) plus .3 = 1.3 points
  • Half Point (ppr) plus .3 = .80 points
  • New TPPR .25 (tiered) plus .3 = .55 points

30 yard catch:

  • Full Point (ppr) plus 3.0 = 4 points
  • Half Point (ppr) plus 3.0 = 3.5 points
  • New TPPR 1.25 (tiered) plus 3.0 = 4.25 points

The main goal - I wanted to find a good mix between half and full PPR, something that discounts the dink and dunk passes and rewards the production of the catch: a.k.a splash plays,  the long balls, the plays that make me get off my couch and HIGH FIVE my kids.

Simple. Bonus Points that directly correlate to the players impact on the game = Fun.

Hell, get crazy with it and throw in a half point per first down. Win- Win - Win

You might love it. You might hate it. You may even want to quit a league because some young punk, fantasy kid, like I used to be and still am, is trying to change your game.

By: Thomas Brancaleone @lionspaw23