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Dallas Cowboys

QB - Dak Prescott

  • The Cowboys passing offense wasn’t too efficient in 2018 only gaining 6.1 Yards Per Pass which was 26th in the NFL
  • A lot of this is due to Dak not taking many shots downfield, Dak was 26th in average Air Yards per attempt with 7.54
  • The Cowboys WRs didn’t help much either ranking 20th in the league in average Yards After the Catch

Wide Receivers

  • Amari Cooper only played in 9 games for the Cowboys yet had 76 targets. That is about 8.4 targets / game and projected out 16 games is roughly 135 targets
  • Cooper lead the cowboys WRs in avg yards gained per pass and avg YAC
  • Cole Beasley had 87 targets from Dak and is no longer with the team
  • It seems Beasley’s short role will be taken over by Randall Cobb who had a short target % of 72%
  • Michael Gallup lead the team in average Air Yards with 14 as a rookie

RB - Ezekiel Elliott

  • Nothing new in that Zeke lead the NFL in attempts and was an awesome rusher overall in 2018
  • On the receiving end Zeke lead the cowboys in targets with 95
  • Zeke’s targets through first 3 years of career: 39-38-95


Throughout his career Dak has been known to be sort of a game manager. He struggled to find connections with Hurns and Gallup however once Cooper joined the team a clear connection occurred. Amari Cooper is #goodatfootball and is still only 25. People may have recency bias with his last 1.5 season with the Raiders but I am definitely buying Cooper in 2019. While he has been highly volatile, three of his first four seasons have eclipsed 1,000 yards and again, he’s only 25. Many people are saying Barkley is the #1 pick this year but I think Zeke has a serious case to be #1. We know that he will have the opportunity and has always been a workhorse behind that Cowboys offensive line. Zeke was able to triple is receiving totals in 2018 and I see no reason they don’t utilize him just as much in 2019.

New York Giants

QB - Eli Manning

  • Eli Manning was hit on only 15% of dropbacks in 2018 which was 20th in the NFL (meaning 19 other quarterbacks were hit at a higher rate)
  • While Manning was 9th in the league in yards, he ranked 30th in average Air Yards with 7.37
  • Manning had the 9th most “short” passes in 2018

Wide Receivers

  • The Giants #1 WR OBJ lead the team in targets with 125 and is no longer on the team
  • 2nd was Saquon who had 120 targets as a running back
  • Sterling Shepard also had over 100 targets with 108
  • Shepard averaged 10.1 Air Yards per target
  • Evan Engram lead the Giants in average YAC with 8.6
  • With three different QBs throwing to him in 2018 Golden Tate had 101 “short” targets out of his 113 total targets

RB - Saquon Barkley

  • Much like Zeke, Saquon was a beast running the ball totalling 1300 yards in 2018
  • However only 30% of Barkley’s carries were carries > 4.5 yards which was mostly due to the poor Giants run blocking
  • Saquon was strong to the outside averaging 5.6YPC
  • Up the middle however Barkley had a YPC of 3.6


Eli Manning is still kicking but does not like taking risks downfield. Despite having OBJ he was 30th in avg Air Yards. Whether it be due to low pocket time and having to get the ball out, Manning loved dumping it down to Barkley. I would assume they use Tate for short routes which may take away some of Saquons targets. Shepard also has strong value assuming he takes most of OBJ’s down the field targets. Barkley was a very boom or bust runner behind the Giants O-Line and lacked efficiency. Regardless he will have so much volume around him that he will be at the top of draft boards in 2019.

Philadelphia Eagles

QB - Carson Wentz

  • Wentz ranked 24th in average Air Yards in 2018
  • Receivers gave him little help ranking 30th in average YAC
  • Wentz had a even average distribution to all sides and lengths of the field in 2018, not having a glaring favorite to one segment of the field

Wide Receivers - data for passes from Wentz

  • Zack Ertz led the team with a 26% target share in 2018
  • In only 11 games with Wentz, Ertz eclipsed 100 targets
  • Ertz also led the team in average yards gained per target
  • Next was Alshon Jeffery with a target share of 18%
  • Alshon was a big body averaging 10.1 Air Yards per target but only 3.5YAC
  • DeSean Jackson averaged about 19 Air Yards per pass in 2018

RB - ?

  • It is presumed that Jordan Howard will be the guy for the Eagles in 2019
  • Howard had 250 carries with the Bears in 2018 but wasn’t very inefficient with a sub 4 YPC
  • Howard had a YPC of 2.9 up the middle
  • Howard has also been known to have receiving issues
  • Josh Adams seemed to be a serviceable asset in 2018 and was a very solid player at Notre Dame.
  • Adams also had higher YPC than howard up the middle and to the outside in 2018


Lots can change on this roster but as of today there are few certainties. We know that Wentz loves Ertz who is a lock to produce in 2019. Alshon also has produced in Wentz in the past. The Eagles backfield remains crowded and trading for Jordan Howard only makes it more crowded. I’m assuming since they went for Howard it shows they weren’t thrilled with Adams or Smallwoods production. Even if Howard is the guy, there will still be a committee element with this team in 2019. Despite Agholar being rumored to be cut, D-Jax is still a boom or bust receiver and it doesn’t look like his style matches up with Wentz too much

Washington Redskins

QB - Case Keenum

  • Keenum ranked 31st in average Yards Gained per attempt with 5.93 yards
  • This is due to Keenum rankings 27th in average Air Yards and 33rd in average YAC
  • Keenum favored the right side of the field, throwing 258 passes to the right which was 2nd in the NFL
  • Keenum also threw it short 79% of the time which was the 12th highest rate in the league

No college data for Haskings

Wide Receivers - data for passes from Alex Smith

  • Jordan Reed lead the Redskins in target share with 20% of the targets
  • Reed led all non running backs in average YAC
  • Reed also led the team in targets to the right side of the field
  • Doctson, Harris, Thompson, and Richardson each had 10+% of the targets
  • Doctson led the team in average Air Yards with 12.4

Running Backs

  • Adrian Peterson
  • Definitely linked to Washington’s 26 ranking in Football Outsider’s adjusted line yards ranking, Peterson wasn’t very efficient in 2018
  • Despite eclipsing 1,000 yards, only 29% of those carries were carries over 4.5 yards
  • Peterson ran it up the middle 68 times and only 13 times did he eclipse that 4.5 mark
  • Chris Thompson
  • Thompson has never been much of a runner but has had targets of 62-54-55 over the past 3 years


Lots can change if Haskins takes over but if Keenum gets the job what we know is he likes to throw it on the shorter side and also to the right side of the field. Reed seems to be the most valuable pass catcher in this offense as he’s been and coincidentally had the most targets on the right side of the field. This is one backfield I would personally stay away from, people will most likely overdraft Peterson after seeing his season totals despite his inefficiency. Guice is coming off a torn ACL as well was Bryce Love in the sometime future.

Very strange results for each QB below. Keenum was technically more accurate throwing deeper than shorter. No surprise with Wentz being accurate short but suffers a dip in the 15-20 yard mark.

*league average in black