When I turned on Nick Chubb’s tape, I didn’t expect to see a combination of David Johnson and Alvin Kamara (minus the receiving chops).  But that’s what he looks like. Chubb is 5’10”, 227 lbs. He’s a compact back with a powerful frame and he uses it well. Chubb is an explosive athlete who runs with a rare combination of power and elusiveness. He has the burst to split defenders, the long speed to score from anywhere and he is deadly in the open field. He has exceptional lower body strength: in all the following clips, pay attention to how he has a Kamara-esque ability to slip through arm tackles like they’re nothing. It was rare to see the first defender take him down. To put it frankly, Chubb’s tape absolutely blew me away. Let’s get to it so you can see for yourself.

I’ll start at the beginning of the run with his vision, patience, and quick first step. These all combine to get him to the second level where he truly excels. In these clips, notice how he waits for the hole open, plants his foot and explodes out of the cut:

Chubb is also able to see a hole open early and get through it quickly:

And has the ability to make savvy cuts to pick his way through the defense:

Remind you of anyone?

Once he’s through the line of scrimmage, Chubb has the power to lower his shoulder and bounce off defenders:

Those traits make Chubb a good running back. Now let’s get to what makes him special.  His acceleration might be the best I’ve seen yet. Watch how he splits the defense and see how many defenders take absolutely terrible angles towards Chubb. On this run, both safeties take terrible angles and need to adjust at the last second:

Watch Chubb burst into second gear as the safety approaches:

He’s got jump cuts and jukes to leave defenders grasping at air:

RIP #25. He had no chance.

And if you didn’t already notice, he has the long speed to take any run the distance:

Finally, he has the leg drive to push the pile at the end of runs and fall forwards:

There’s so many more clips that I wish I could include. He is just so damn good.  

Chubb didn’t show much in terms of receiving on tape and he did have a few drops. He’s in the same vein as Ezekiel Elliott where its just effective to get him into open space however you can:

He did have this awesome catch that I would be remiss to leave out:

Overall, Chubb is just outstanding. He has all the traits to become a perennial All-Pro even with an extremely impressive group of running backs currently in the NFL. As for fantasy? I’d be buying him in dynasty anywhere I could get him. Take advantage of the Kareem Hunt signing to get great value on a future superstar. In redraft I wouldn’t hesitate to take him in the top ten.